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Welcome to The Overseas Property Show where we connect real estate buyers & investors to holiday homes, permanent residences, retirement & rental properties around the globe.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, unfortunately, we have not been able to host any public exhibitions. To combat this, our main real estate agency, Ideal Homes International, are bringing property to you by hosting a variety of free to watch webinars, catch up on demand here -

On these webinars you will be able to gain valuable information on Portugal & Spain's Golden Visa Residency programs, financing options, property and rental management along with a variety of reduced properties for sale in the Algarve and some amazing bargains across Costa Blanca. Make sure you don't miss this excellent opportunity to bag a bargain so sign up today!

With a variety of seminars being held during the day offering invaluable insight, Q&As and one-on-one chats with a panel of experts, you will leave with all of the knowledge required to enable you to make an informed decision about buying property in Portugal, Spain or Florida. The show will cover all of the essential subjects such as finances, property management, rental simulations, tax incentives, currency exchange and the Golden Visa. 

You will also have the opportunity for a free personalised consultation with a local knowledge expert who will guide you through both formal requirements; the purchase process, financing, currency, legalities, residency, taxes, inheritance, etc. and invaluable practical information on connecting utilities, purchasing furniture, local customs and culture and the quality of life that you can expect in your chosen destination.

Our events are held internationally and our team of qualified professionals consist largely of expats from around the world, professionals who know first hand the joys, challenges and changes you can expect when choosing to purchase a property overseas. They have valuable industry knowledge, an ear to the ground, as well as a wealth of practical and personal experiences to help guide you through your journey.



The Overseas Property Show aims to provide excellence in both real estate properties and services available to attendees looking to invest in real estate abroad.
If you have a fantastic product in an exciting location and are interested in exhibiting alongside our growing number of successful partners, we invite you to contact us and learn how to become an exhibition partner.  
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    Why The Overseas Property Show?

    Ready to invest in property abroad but uncertain where to start? We recommend your first step be one of getting informed by qualified professionals. Having access to reputable local knowledge can sometimes be challenging and costly, and lack of or incorrect information can be risky. The Overseas Property Show concentrates on bridging this gap. The show follows on the success of international events and focuses on informing interested buyers and investors on the realistic aspects of purchasing and owning abroad. It provides buyers an opportunity to obtain valuable and bespoke advice from qualified professionals, many of whom have made the same decision of buying and relocating abroad.  Visitors can expect informative presentations and questions and answers sessions focusing on essential subjects such as the buying process, legalities, taxes, capital gains, inheritance and the many more questions that arise when purchasing property abroad. The show also provides details specific to the chosen country, the freedom to make comparisons and the ability to get a realistic picture of where they are buying. Most importantly to understand and have transparency of the various processes, and feel confident in their decision today, and in the future. This year, the show will include properties from Portugal, Spain and Florida, all three areas currently being hotspots for those buying overseas - for second homes, retirement and investment properties. As well as presenting you with fantastic property options on the day, we can also introduce you to architects who can talk you through the benefits of designing and building your own property, and the financial savings of doing so. As always, The Overseas Property Show team is on hand, offering completely free consultations for both planning the journey ahead, and financing advice for dealing with the banks in other countries.

  • Algarve property for sale,portugal property,duncan bannatyne,real estate Portugal,real estate spain,Holiday Homes Portugal,Retirement Portugal,a place in the sun,real estate cape ve


    Nestled in the westerly corner of Europe with hundreds of golden beaches that overlook the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is one of the easiest to reach of our featured locations from the UK. Offering a warm climate, friendly locals and natural charm it remains a firm favourite with property buyers across the world. Portugal to live is often a long-held dream come true for the expats who live here – a life that is full of outdoor activities, fine foods and traditional values. The southern coast is home to the Algarve, popular with families and retirees looking to relocate to Portugal. Lisbon is a favourite among savvy investors looking to make an income through rentals where as Porto is considered the most traditional out of the three, attracting many new homeowners with its Portuguese appeal and charm.

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